The crisis at Galileo (1959)

Another unemployment crisis in Florence; this time at the “Galileo” optics company and although no longer mayor La Pira once again takes sides with the workers who have been unjustly laid off en masse.

…today I truly am once again the frightened cry of oppressed workers. An uncontrolled letter intimating lay-off, without due cause sent by a group of financiers. This is one of the fates of suffering of the poor person – a fate reminiscent of the “vae vobis” of the Gospel according to St. Luke and the painful cry of the letter of St. James!

All this today, in 1959. 15 years after the end of the war,, ten years (and more) after the Constitution, with us Christians the majority party guiding the nation.

… “Defence of the constituted disorder” as Fr. Milani wrote with priestly bitterness!

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