The Copernican revolution in economy (January 1958)

The polemics with Don Sturzo is at its peak. La Pira writes to Pius XII to defend himself from a press campaign and to stress the fact that his ideas are the same expressed in sevral social Encyclicals. It is interesting to read this letter more than 50 years later!

When Don Sturzo writes his abstract articles on Giornale d’Italia (!) – written by someone who knows but his own study room and only certain “mental schemes” mistaken for principals, we feel profound bitterness. That free market he always refers to as though it were some theological principal does not exist, it just does not exist! It is not true in theory and it does not exist in practice. What does exist in practice is the sad phenomenon of unemployment and uncertainty about employment – two facts essentially deriving from the liberal structure of economics and finance.



…What is to be done? Resolve to change the liberal face of our economy. It is not a “person-oriented” face. No it is an individualistic one. It runs counter to the common good which is the benchmark for social and Christian ethics .

(…) Why, most blessed Father! If you knew how widespread this malfeasance is, even among Catholics who have the most powerful levers of the economy, finance and politics in hand!

They believe – and they are even Catholic Action leaders! – that they really do exist, almost natural laws of divine origin, these so-called “laws” of liberal economics!… this ignorance not only theological and philosophical but also specifically technical and economic is pitiful!

These managers don’t study, don’t explore new ground. Their mentalities are antiquated, they are Ptolemaic in the height of Copernicus’s time

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