A heartfelt outburst by La Pira for the attacks he was continually subjected to, both from his fellow Christian Democrats and (like in this case) also authoritative persons of the Church hierarchy.

I have always been authoritatively obliged to be a deputy to the constituent parliament, a deputy, an undersecretary, a mayor and now again a deputy. Always authoritatively obliged to join political and local election lists, namely always obliged to fulfil an office against nature in a way.

And wherever I went I always sought to see issues as the teachings of the Church saw them. And being a son of the Church, it is known that where there are colossal injustices (Pignone, Cure, Galileo, evictions and so on) I cannot remain silent. I would feel repugnance at remaining silent.

… Despite it all I feel in the bottom of my soul one thing that comforts me namely that I only ever wanted to serve the Lord through His Church.

I may have erred and I my err but my intentions have always been upright; I have always worked alongside my Archbishop and I have always been unequivocal in my words, speaking with Christian clarity, frankness and firmness to all and in all circumstances.

And now – indeed for quite some years – I yearn for one thing alone: no longer to be the cause of conflict but to retire to the peace of my room. What simpler thing could I ask for?

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