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The most correct and up-to-date bibliography of La Pira, including not only his own works but numerous articles and essays published in newspapers, magazines and collections, is the one compiled for the process of beatification:

Bibliografia cronologica degli scritti di Giorgio La Pira, edited by G. Morgante, R. Di Levrano, P. Puteo, L. Alfieri and G. Capano, scientific coordination by Vittorio Peri, Rome, October 1999, pro manuscripto.

All La Pira’s published works are to be found in photostat copies at the Foundation. They amount to 33 bound volumes, produced by the Authors of the above chronological Bibliography with the assistance of the La Pira Foundation. They may be consulted by all interested persons (contact Fondazione La Pira: +39 055 284542 – e.mail

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