Mediterranean, the new lake of Tiberias (May 1958)

On sending this letter to Mons. Dell’Acqua La Pira described it as a “stage in a single meditation process slowly taking place in my soul. This in my view is the fundamental storyline of today!  It urges Pius XII to devote more attention to the dialogue going on across the Mediterranean

(…) the Mediterranean is “the lake of Tiberias” of the new universe of nations, the nations that stand on the shores of this lake are nations who adore the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the true, live God.

These nations and the lake that they surround, constitute the religious and civil axis around which this new cosmos of nations is to revolve …

In practical terms what does Christian Italy have to do? Attend (by prayer, meditation, prudent but intelligent,, long-term action) to the unification and convergence of these Mediterranean nations. Conduct its political, economic, cultural and social (religious) etc., initiatives in a perspective of constituting this “centre” of the new universe of nations, in a perspective of constituting this centre of attraction and gravity of nations because nations come from East and West to immerge themselves in this great lake of Tiberias which, by definition, is the lake of the whole Earth.

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