Letters to Quasimodo

ImageThe friendship between Giorgio La Pira and the poet Salvatore Quasimodo (Siracusa 1901- Amalfi 1968,  1959 Nobel Prize laureate for literature) began in the years La Pira spent in Messina and was a deep-seated relationship of great reciprocal respect based on shared values and great sensitivity. This emerges clearly from the correspondence between the two published in

G. La Pira-S.Quasimodo, Carteggio, ed. A. Quasimodo, Milano, Scheiwiller 1980. (New extended edition with notes ed. Giuseppe Miligi, Modena, Artioli Editore 1998). 

 “I have crossed the subterranean passageways of thought many times; I have knocked on many doors like a poor beggar for the bread of knowledge. I have trod a thousand roads, a thousand worlds; I have loved a thousand things; I have been too much of a vagabond in this ceaseless erring in the quest for a little peace for my soul. I have always had a thirst for the ascetic, a thirst for the profound annihilation of my being which comes from God”

(from a letter of La Pira to Quasimodo, October 1922)


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§ Capture the infinite in your verse

§ You will speak through the hoary language of children

§ Poetry, the soul’s hymn to its God

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