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ImageIn Cardinal Benelli’s sermon preached in the Duomo at La Pira’s funeral, he asserted that “everything about La Pira can be understood through faith, without faith nothing about him can be understood”. Nor is there any doubt that this is the sole key to understanding “the Professor’s” life.

His fundamental working hypothesis, expressed in every sort of circumstance and in every place however distant from his own Credo, was always based on the certainty of the resurrection of Christ: “if Christ be risen, as he is risen…” he used to say, going on to affirm that the entire history of all peoples is conditioned by this event.
To obtain an idea of La Pira’s spiritual life, and to get an introduction to more substantial matter, you might like to follow these four proposed routes:

•    The Biblical Foundations and their developments: Isaiah, the work of John and Paul
•    Dogmatic standpoints: Christ, Mary, the Church
•    The pathway of history: the continuity of history and its meaning, the cities, the peoples
•    The spiritual pathway: the personal dimension, the mystical body, the contemplation of the Trinity

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