“Florence is a flower”

May 31, 1926

Dear Aunt and Uncle,

Today I did not neglect to think about you a little harder: I hope that “today,” too, though something of a struggle, was not less positive than other days. This morning I received my university papers: I saw that they added some perfectly useless signatures, but overdoing it is never a bad thing!

As for my trip to Bologna, I’ve decided to postpone it until after I finish writing my thesis: for now I am back to compiling it and I have already reached forty pages, but tomorrow I’m counting on reaching 140.

I looked through the whole book, but I didn’t find anything: I only noticed my grandfather’s writing and I argued that he was interested in everything. Heartfelt thanks in my name: I would have welcomed even a few words or a hint that would have reassured me on what direction, at least, to take in these last days of May. For now I am working diligently: I want to finish my work within the week to start preparing for oral exams.

The Chancellor has not yet written, but certainly he will have been shaken by Betti’s arguments.

What can I tell you about Florence? It is a beautiful city: it is one big flower, a superb flower. It looks like a city of art, a castle of a thousand kinds of lace, quick, smooth and magnificent lines. It is truly the land of Dante.

Kisses from the heart for everyone.

And for Alfonsino and Adeluzza in particular.


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