Cardinal Elia Dalla Costa

Elia Dalla Costa was born in Villaverla (province of Vicenza, in Northern Italy) in 1871.

He became priest in 1895, Bishop of Padova in 1923, Archibishop of Firenze in 1932, Cardinal in 1933. He died in Firenze in 1961; his beatification process is underway.

As it was written by one of his closest coworkers, Dalla Costa “was building on the stone….rain falled, rivers overflowed, strong wind blew but the house stood up because it had been built on the stone of a profound faith in God and on the mission that the Providence had given him. His life, his love, his actions were always manifestations of his faith…”He is a true believer”…this was the comment of everyone who met him.”

In Florence he is still remembered with respect and devotion, not only because of his extraordinary pastoral action, but also for the fundamental role he played during the World Word II, when he spent all his energy to save human lives from prison and from death, (in paticular for the persecuted Jews), and he was instrumental in preserving art works

When Hitler vsited Florence in 1938 he did not take part in the official ceremonies and decided to shut doors and windows of the Archibishop’s Palace to express his protest.

Replying to the pressures exerted by the fascist authorities he told. “I am not scared by the powerful since the Lord is with me”

For these reasons the administration on the liberated city granted him the honorary citizienship “as a recognition of his high civil merits“.


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