Breaking down walls, building bridges

Unify the world. That is the – sole – problem of today; to unify it building bridges everywhere and bring down walls everywhere. This unification is not possible, indeed it almost has no sense unless it passes by Peter in some way. In other words, this juridical and political unification of states must be accompanied by a unifying relationship in the profound sense between Church and State!

This is the great issue of today – to reinterpret the Church as the nation’s centre of gravity and as the subject – “the other part” essential to the legal and political of the new universe of peoples and nations.

…Here then, most Blessed Father, lies the immense value, the great importance and urgency of contacts and relations of the Church with the whole world of the “East” and the “South”. These comprehend the new interlocutors “the other part” who despite the “official atheism” of perceiving the historic and juridical and political and spiritual structure of it, destined to form the “skeleton” to the body of nations.

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