“Anarchist, subject only to God”

Fanfani had reproached La Pira regarding his position in his open defence of the workers who occupied the “Pignone”, asking him to use greater caution.

In this letter, of great strength and determination, La Pira replied:

... just imagine, as if I could give up truth and justice just to serve the letter of the law: and then, what law? 

To look and do nothing about the inequalities that are hidden under the veils of the law? … laws that have only one beneficiary: the unfortunate, the poor, the weak, to load more weight and other forms of oppression onto him…

(…) In our country after 10 years of political “reign” under the Christian Democrats, we have to fear (at least I do) the same inequalities that we feared at the time of fascism.

Between the powerful and the weak the powerful are chosen: among the few heads of industry (twenty) and the millions of workers, the choice is the few heads of industry; twenty rich men, perhaps corrupt, corrupters anyway (because they own the press and use it for a more manifest injustice) they control the government, the Parliament, the country.

I will never betray the poor, the powerless, the oppressed. I will not add to the contempt with which they are treated by the powerful forgetfulness or lack of interest of Christians (…)

Every now and then you remember that you are also Minister of the Interior, but then – right then – I feel detached: I take my total freedom, my “permanent exemption” as a man who never asked to be where I am, and I feel free, anarchist, subject only to God.

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