A long-standing friendship (1963)

Remembering the long-standing ties of friendship with the Pope (most Blessed Father here are the thoughts for this morning. They are still the same. Do you recall when La Pira came – almost every morning – to visit Mons. Montini? He would listen to Holy Mass then have breakfast with you? And we would talk, but what about? Celestial Jerusalem. Well, we’re still in that sphere, but that meditation has descended into historic-temporal reality. It has become the key to understanding the present-day history of the Church and the world. It has become hope and a force for unification, and for peace for the peoples: spes contra spem!), in a way La Pira puts at Paul VI’s disposal the “capital” of relationships that he has woven with his innovative interpretation of the role of mayor. And he writes:

Most Blessed Father, Florence, today, is a “capital” at the service of the Church; a Christian force that attracts (the third world and socialist countries) at the service of the Church – here it is, I offer it to you, take it,, bless it, it is an authentic point of strength and grace for peoples … take it, it is yours. Perhaps this weft of grace, hope,, beauty, prayer and peace is destined to shower the peoples of many parts of the world with another joy and another peace)

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