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Summary of the life of La Pira

1904    Born 9 January at Pozzallo (Ragusa)
1914-22    In Messina: takes diploma in accountancy, passes school-leaving exams and enrols in the Law Faculty
1926-33    Moves to Florence in the wake of Professor Betti, his tutor for his degree thesis. Becomes Assistant Professor of Roman Law.
1934    Is awarded the Chair of Roman Law at the University of Florence. Founds the “Mass of S. Procolo” for the material and spiritual assistance of the poor.
1939    Founds and edits the review “Principi” (Principles), suppressed by the Fascist regime.
1943    Sought by the police, he hides first near Siena and later in Rome.
1945    Member of the Constituent Assembly.
1949    Under-Secretary in the Ministry of Labour.
1951-56    Mayor of Florence, he fights unemployment and dismissals; great involvement with public working-class housing; international conferences in Florence.
1956-57    Re-elected Mayor. Crisis in the centrist majority and his resignation.
1958    Elected once more to the Chamber of Deputies.
1959    Visits Moscow; speaks at the Supreme Soviet.
1960-64    For the third time Mayor of Florence, leading a centre-left Council.
1965    Efforts for peace in Vietnam; visits Hanoi.
1967-75    Intense international activity; elected President of the World Federation of the Union of Cities, he urges dialogue in Europe, in the Middle East and in the process of decolonization.
1976    Again elected to the Chamber of Deputies.
1977    Dies in Florence on 5 November.

•    Detailed biographical note
•    The life of La Pira in 11 sections
•    Chronological summary of events in the Church, in Italy, in the world, and in the life of La Pira