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The spiritual pathway

The unity of humanity must be achieved by starting from the personal dimension; there is no way to understand the universal design unless one takes account of the fact that man is a microcosm. In each of us there is “an inner sky” containing a lodestar; on the other hand the individual cannot be thought of except in relation to the communion.

Sanctity itself is nothing but consciously living out the sense of solidarity as expressed by the mystic body. The mystic body is edified by means of the Eucharist which brings about a mysterious assimilation to Christ and lives by the grace which, despite all the limitations involved, makes us participant even now in the life of the Trinity. The eschatological prospect is that of “a face to face vision of the beloved Trinity” (go to Lettere al Carmelo).

There are very numerous texts which reveal the contemplative/mystical aspect of La Pira’s vocation, starting with his youthful letters (see e.g. the letters to his Aunt, to Pugliatti, to Quasimodo).