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Pray for peace (1965)

That is the meaning of this circular – it is a call for a worldwide mobilization for prayer (by all the secluded convents in the world) to obtain from the Lord peace among all the peoples of the world.

To achieve this! … we must aim with great decisiveness and total commitment above this question. This grace of peace to the whole human family must be granted by our Celestial Father! …there is no alternative for peoples: either a thousand years of peace or the apocalyptic destruction of the entire human family and of the Earth itself caused (God forbid!) by the destructive power – undisputedly apocalyptic! - of nuclear weapons! 

… And yet, Reverend Mother, our concept remains firm today more than yesterday. The opposing forces (despite it all) will not pass. The season of God is approaching inexorably. God’s plan unfolds irresistibly in the history of the world. “God’s historic intent” is unfolding irrevocably despite it all.

The victorious message of Christ resurrected “I have received all power in Heaven and on Earth; illuminate all nations … I will be with you every day until the centuries are consumed”. The era of the kingship of Christ over the nations appears ever more clearly on the horizon of the history of the Church and of peoples – the era of the thousand years of Revelations, the era of millennium peace and unity and peace can be glimpsed just like a dawn breaking in the historic,, thousand-year historical perspective of the world!