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The power of contemplation





In 1923, La Pira was 19 years old and his Spiritual Director was Monsignor Mariano Rampolla del Tindaro (brother of that literature professor at the technical Institute who convinced him to take his final exams in classic studies and enrol in university).

In this letter, La Pira reveals the full force of his faith, his mystical nature which will always be at the basis of the more demanding commitments in his active life.

This morning, the emotion of my whole life is wider and more intense: with a progression of love that I never expected, the presence of the Blessed nails me with a heaviness in a worship that has no limits: all the fibres of my body are trembling and every palpitation of my heart is like a reminder: one kneels, head lowered, as when the times are darker and the whole mystery is above us .. 

(...) I write about these moments as well, in a need to confess. I am too dominated by this spirit that has spread to all the darkest parts of my life. Before my eyes I can see the Blessed Sacrament displayed and every word is like a tear: full of everything that is fuller in the mystery of our souls and as silent as a meditation on love… 

(...) I pray, pray, pray: not for me because that would be a miserable and offensive prayer: O Lord I pray for all men who do not know you and like me before, do not know where the place of Your Perpetual Supper is