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Person and society



(…) The aim of society, therefore is to produce the integral and hierarchical common good necessary for the conservation and perfection of the person which is to be divided proportionally to all those belonging to the society. 

Society is, therefore, a large human community of human beings in which everyone produces this integral and hierarchical common good which is to be distributed to each proportionally.

Production contributed to by all; community of product; proportional distribution to all – these are the three pillars of the building of the human community. 

Now we can thus define the aim of the social body: the aim of society is the production, contributed to by all, of the integral hierarchical common good necessary for the conservation, development and perfection of the human person and the proportional attribution of that good to everyone

… The individualistic deviation that perceives man as an antisocial animal is by no means of Roman Catholic origin! But the sociality of man does not mean his exhaustion in society and the economic and political structures. Beyond economics, politics and culture and so on there is an interior world of freedom, contemplation and love; there is the world of God to which man raises himself by effect of grace ….

The law regulating the relationship between society and person can be defined as follows: society is instrumental for use by the person and the person is only subordinate to society insofar as society is ordered to the total well-being of the person.