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Official decree

The Minister
for Culture and the Environment

GIVEN Article 2 of Law Nr. 13 of 12 January 1991;
GIVEN Ministerial Decree of 8 March 1995;
GIVEN Article 2 of Legislative Decree Nr. 657 of 14 December 1974, converted, with amendments, into Law Nr. 5 of 29 January 1975;
GIVEN Article 1 of Decree of the President of the Republic Nr. 805 of 3 December 1975;
CONSIDERING that pursuant to the above measures the Ministry for Culture and the Environment protects and enhances the national cultural heritage and promotes the dissemination of art and culture;
PENDING the requirement to implement the above measures by means that include the conservation of culturally significant examples of human creativity and the promotion of complete and authentic awareness and knowledge of them such as can be assured by critical publications that are scientifically accurate;
CONSIDERING that the scope of the Central Bibliographic Department of the Ministry for Culture and the Environment and cultural and publishing bodies includes editing Italian publications on the better known authors and personages of the cultural history of Italy;
GIVEN the State budget, in particular Chapter 1624 of Section II on the forecast expenditure of the Ministry of Culture and the Environment;
ASCERTAINED the cultural need to include the works of Giorgio La Pira within the scheme of Italian publications in acceptance, also, of the mission expressed by the Fondazione Giorgio La Pira of Florence;
GIVEN the favourable ruling of the ad hoc committee of the Bibliographic Department;


The publication of the Italian edition of the works of Giorgio La Pira shall hereby be promoted.

The national committee appointed for preparing said edition will be composed of:

Prof. Francesco Adorno
Prof. Pierluigi Ballini
Prof. Francesco Paolo Casavola
Avv. Giulio Conticelli
Prof. Ugo De Siervo
Prof. Piero Fiorelli
Dr. Carla Guiducci Bonanni
Prof. Fioretta Mazzei
Fr. Silvano Nistri
Prof. Mario Primicerio
Prof. Andrea Riccardi
Prof. Mario Scotti
Ms. Antinesca Tilli.

Said committee shall elect its president and secretary-treasurer from amongst its members.

As deemed appropriate, opportune and adequately documented, the Minister for Culture and the Environment shall contribute funds to the committee specified in Article 2 for the work performed and to be performed as regards the publication of the Italian edition.
The cost of said contribution will be provided for within the limits of the relative budget provisions.

The members of the committee shall receive no remuneration for their presence.

The Minister for Culture and the Environment shall supervise the progress of work and of the publications, and shall refer thereto in his annual report to Parliament.
This Decree shall be communicated to the supervisory bodies for discharge as required and then be published in the Official Bulletin of the Ministry of Culture and the Environment.

( Veltroni )
Rome, 24 March 1997