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National edition

In March 1997 the Minister of Cultural and Environmental Assets by personal decree established the Committee for the National Edition of the works of Giorgio La Pira.
                                                                                                                                                                             The Committee is composed by:

ImageProf. Francesco Adorno 
Prof. Pierluigi Ballini
Prof. Francesco Paolo Casavola
Avv. Giulio Conticelli
Prof. Ugo De Siervo
Prof. Piero Fiorelli
Dr.ssa Carla Guiducci Bonanni
Prof.ssa Fioretta Mazzei  †
Don Silvano Nistri
Prof. Mario Primicerio
Prof. Andrea Riccardi
Prof. Mario Scotti   †
Sig.ra Antinesca Tilli.

The purpose of the Committee is to produce a uniform edition of the published works of Giorgio La Pira, with specially written introductions and information about the unpublished works,

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The official decree of constitution of the Committee

Plan of publication