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The life of La Pira in 11 sections


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For the sake of clarity, and despite the inevitable schematization entailed, we have subdivided Giorgio La Pira’s life into 11 periods described in the sections listed below. They may be accessed by clicking on the corresponding title. A twelfth section gives a brief summary of what has been said about him:

The Sicilian years (1904-1926)

The first years in Florence (1926-1934)

“Principi” (Principles), the War, the Liberation

At the Constituent Assembly and in the Government (1944-1951)

His election as Mayor of Florence

The requisition of the vacant homes

The “Pignone” case

The end of an era

The city on the mount

President of the Union of Cities

His death

What has been said about him


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  Summary of the life of La Pira

   Synoptic chronology of events in the Church, in the world and in La Pira's life

   Detailed biographical note