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Letters to the cloistered nuns


In 1951 the Tuscany High Council of the Conferences of St. Vincent de’ Paoli (naturally inspired by La Pira) decided to provide assistance to cloistered convents which in many cases were in dire economic straits; at the same time, though, the initiative aimed at highlighting the importance to the ecclesiastical world of a contemplative life and of prayer.

The initiative was entrusted to La Pira with the permanent cooperation of Fioretta Mazzei, and it grew to unexpected proportions.

Going well beyond the confines of material assistance (which was also very necessary for a great many convents in which living conditions were truly dramatic), the very close relationship continued for twenty years becoming an authentic dialogue between La Pira and hundreds of nuns who meditated and prayed on issues which he suggested to them, drawn from his daily commitment as a politician, administrator and worker for peace.




A broad selection of these letters was published in the volume


G. La Pira, Lettere alle claustrali, Giuseppe Lazzati ed. , Milano, Vita e Pensiero 1978

and give an idea of the main phases of the life of La Pira and of his interpretation of events in the light of “the historiography of the profound”



Here you can find some abstracts from six letters:

§ A bridge between the world of contemplation and action (1951)

§ In Russia for Church unity and for peace (1960)

§ Towards a theology of history (1961)

§ The Council, new Pentacost (1962)

§ The second session of the Council (1963)

§ Pray for peace (1965)