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Letter to Luciano

Dear Luciano,

Our talk on Sunday evening was profitable, and I would like to put the essential points of our decisions down in writing (nothing new, in any case).
First of all, the foundation of our entire edifice is given by the exact definition of S. Procolo: “S. Procolo is a community which takes the form of a triple communion”.

1) A Eucharistic community, because it is centred upon the Holy Mass; it is the embodiment of the communitarian purpose of the Eucharist Sacramentum ecclesiasticae unitaria. And for this fundamental reason the essential manifestation of S. Procolo is the Mass which every Sunday finds the Community gathered together round the altar to celebrate the sacrifice of the Holy Mass. For the members of this community, taking part in this celebration must become an essential element of their very existence, they must feel the need to participate in this fundamental act in their lives.
The Badia and S. Stefano (now SS. Apostoli) must for them become their house of prayer; in them they must form the animus revertendi. This is the essential point for us, to help everyone to gain an awareness of their standing as living members of a supernatural organism; they must feel the need to integrate themselves and be integrated into this community in which abides their existence as Christians. That is the basis of the edifice, a Eucharistic community of which each one feels himself to be a living member and the need of which for his life is felt by each and all.
Hence the corollaries: Eucharistic piety (and the Marian piety with which it is connected) must be the essential piety of this community. This idea must be always present and always repeated; it must penetrate to the innermost depths of every one. Catholicism – the Catholic Church – is not great and universal unless it is the community of which Christ is the invisible head and Peter the visible head; it is divided into an infinite number of Eucharistic communities: ours is one of them.

2) A community of prayer, to restore the practice of the Saturday rosary in common, as well as encouraging the idea of a family saying of the rosary. This division of the community of S. Procolo into numerous small family communities of prayer is the new but vital idea that must be put into practice: it is necessary to the organic development, the growth of the community (Nuto). A true community is not a community unless it develops organically by means of smaller communities: a web of little praying communities that carry the animating spirit of the centre to the outermost parts provides a firm basis for the entire edifice. This idea of an organism must be deeply and forcefully pondered on; the Lord will certainly give it His blessing: it is the sign that we are definitely on the increase; this idea may allow the recruitment of new energies and everywhere give rise to an active apostolic ferment! And thereby reinforce the Sabbath and establish and fortify these numerous prayer groups.

3) A community of goods, the natural corollary of the two previous communities: it must be like communicating vessels, with the full vessel filling the empty one. Therefore to draw the rich into our community for them to feel the joy of imparting their wealth to the poor; this is the greatest gift of charity that we can give to those of wealth: to make them part of a community that will give them the opportunity of redistributing their riches! This community of goods (in a broad sense) is another positive feature of our community of S. Procolo because it in an inevitable corollary of the living unity in which the Lord has brought us together.
This fact obliges us to have ever greater concern with seeking for succour for our poorest brethren: to seek for food, housing, clothing, jobs, freedom and so on for those in need of them!
Finally, at its base this community of S. Procolo has a restricted apostolic community: a community of apostles whom Jesus has summoned; it is committed to that life of love in God on which the whole edifice rests, and to tightening the bonds of this more restricted community (Busoni) using all the supernatural means which the Lord put at our disposal. The “Passing” of our beloved Enzo must be for all a reason for putting in motion this work of constructive love which the Madonna entrusts to you.

With brotherly greetings to all, my prayers are with you.

La Pira

11 November 1956