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To his cousin Pierino



Pierino was the son of the uncle Luigi Occhipinti. He died in 1960 at age 48. Bound to him by fraternal affection, La Pira does not miss an opportunity to spur him on to a life of work, and above all a holy life. 


(...) Pierino, be pure, overcome the lust of the flesh by thinking about God, Angels, Saints: be true: because the truth is the light of intelligence; be good, because goodness fills your soul with eternal wealth; fulfil your duty even at some sacrifice, because life is a mission and a sacrifice for everyone; love God, because this love is the source of inner strength and inner purity, because by not loving God you will become like the beasts that cannot know, and therefore, cannot love God; love Jesus Christ, Son of God, who died for you to free yourself from sin and make yourself as pure as an angel again (...)

Do as the prodigal son did, return to the sweet and pure house of the Father. And the Lord will forgive you and give you back peace, hope and joy, if you, having repented and confessed, take him into you again. What do you have to lose? Why refuse the invitation again? Why continue with hell in your heart?

Only a single act is necessary: that act of humility that makes us bow in repentance at the feet Christ: and Christ will rise again, in the blessed and consoling embrace of peace.