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A growing need of blue skies

May 14 (1926) 

Dear aunt, I received your letter and I appreciated it very much though it left me a little worried. I am really anxious to see the outcome of these days, especially regarding what is happening to our friend. 

About sending supplies, you can have Uncle do it: I have about 600 lira that should still last me for about 20 days: and as for the rest of the money, I wouldn't know what to do with it. 

Yesterday I visited 'Piazzale Michelangelo' a magic spot that dominates the whole city. I went as far as the Basilica of San Miniato, an oasis of silence and solitude. There is a growing need for blue within me, what can I say? a more explicit call to contemplation and whenever the place is right, I feel transported to this interior realm, endless and white. This is how we break the chains of our earthly captivity: to forget everything, for a moment at least. 

Betti is in Parma, and will be there for four days more. He is lovingly concerned about my thesis so we hope that everything goes as I would like. 

Give Uncle a big hug for me, and tell him the life he is leading is too hard! 

Affectionate hugs for the kids