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Gorbaciov speaks of La Pira



In 1978, Mikhail S. Gorbatchev was asked to write the preface of a book that gathered a number of La Pira writings illustrating his action for peace (G. La Pira, "Il sentiero di Isaia", Firenze, Cultura Editrice 1978 - latest edition Milan, Edizioni Paoline 2004 with an additional preface by Walter Veltroni). He accepted at once.

In his preface, the former Soviet Premier claims that ... La Pira has been the first person who understood the novelty of the new season in which Europe was to enter, the radical change in the very nature of human relations and of the development of European society.

He was conscient of the necessity of reconsidering the international relations in a way that is totally different from the times of Cold War when each of the superpower thought of its counterpart as it was an enemy to be destroyed. On the contrary, it becomes every day more evident that the only way to ensure a future to our world is to seek to solve the problems through discussion and cooperation.

He concludes expressing his wish that ... La Pira's message that characterizes every page of this book could have a large and fruitful diffusion. Indeed, during his life it was largely misunderstood, or distorted by his opponents.This is, by the way, the destiny of all the persons that have a deeper insight and a wider vision of events so that their actions do not follow the usual patterns.