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The Congress of Leningrad 1970


The Congress in Leningrad of the World Federation of United Cities took place in a very different situation from that in which, three years before, La Pira had served a presidential term.

La Pira (who was elected president for another three years) gave a comprehensive report that reviewed the various crises in the world but that also emphasized that there were signs of convergence.

(...) All the initiatives that aim at overcoming the barriers and tearing down the walls that separate peoples and nations still concern us deeply.  All these converging conferences and initiatives, in fact, ultimately deal with the problem of the whole world: that of disarmament, that of war and peace, that is, ultimately, the existence and nonexistence of cities, only incurable victims, by now, of a nuclear and non-nuclear war! 

But as we said earlier in Paris and as we have tried to do in recent years, we do not limit ourselves to being aware of the convergence of the world: we want to work in order to help -through coordinated action of the cities - convergence tools that achieve their unifying, pacifying and liberating goals in the world. 

In this "unifying context " our mottos become even more precise and sharper: unite the cities to unite the nations. Create links through the cooperation of the nations of the North and South, East and West.