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Chronology of the Beatification Process

5 November 1977
Death of Giorgio La Pira

5 November 1983
The Cardinal Archbishop of Florence, H.E. Silvano Piovanelli, is presented with the application to “introduce the cause of beatification”: The application is signed by the “Giorgio La Pira Foundation” association, the Dominican Fathers of St Mark’s, the Presbyteral Diocesan Council, the Consulta for the Apostolate of the Laity, the “Cultura” association, the Opera Madonnina del Grappa, the Milan Institute of Christ the King, the group of the Mass for the Poor of San Procolo

6 October 1984
Formal application by the Postulators (Fr. Innocenzo Venchi, Dominican; Fr. Antonio Cairoli, Franciscan Minor) to “avail themselves of the needful to commence and pursue the cause of canonisation of Giorgio La Pira, as provided by the “Divinus perfectionis Magister” Apostolic Constitution of 25 January 1983.

9 January 1986
Cardinal Silvano Piovanelli, Archbishop of Florence inaugurates the Diocesan Tribunal for the cause of beatification of Giorgio La Pira

The first phase (which in canonical law is called “informative diocesan process on the heroic virtues and fame of sanctity of Giorgio La Pira, servant of God”) required a thorough examination of Giorgio La Pira’s published works (collected in 35 volumes) and his unpublished writings (letters, diaries and notes) by a panel of theologians. The works are mostly housed in the archives of the La Pira Foundation and consist of some tens of thousands of pages. The collection also includes correspondence that La Pira sent to a number of foreign countries, and some hundreds of people who had had contact with him were interviewed in many parts of Italy and in various cities abroad (Moscow, Rabat, Jerusalem, Paris, Dakar). 

4 April 2005          
Cardinal Ennio Antonelli, Archbishop of Florence declares the Diocesan phase of the process of beatification concluded and passes the acts to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints


June 2014  The full canonical biography has been completed. Next step consists in writing a summary on the virtues of the Servant of God and the index of names, Then the "Positio" will be printed and examined by a commission of theologians and finally all the material will be brought to the attention of a commission of cardinals.




This is the first page of "Digesto" , where La Pira noted the most important dates of his life


§  Decree inaugurating the Diocesan Tribunal for the cause of beatification of Giorgio La Pira

§  The “Divinus perfectionis Magister” Apostolic Constitution