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Biblic foundations



From Isaiah 2, 1-5 La Pira derived his outlook on history; the ability to observe events from the same prophetic viewpoint as Isaiah did from the hill of the Lord.

From John’s theology he derived the Trinitarian dimension, the physical nature of the Resurrection of Christ, the intimate nature of prayer. It is by starting from the Trinity that we can understand the Event which determines all other events: the Resurrection of Christ, or, better still, the reality of his resurrected body which inevitably conditions all other events (go to I veri materialisti). From the Trinity and none other flows the divine grace which operates within the human state and creates the conditions by which man opens himself to God in prayer. It is Christ’s prayer to the Father in the Gospel of St John that tells us the magnitude and importance of prayer (go to Lettere al Carmelo).

St Paul’s concept of the edification of the body of Christ in its cosmic and universal extension is the guideline of La Pira’s thinking on history. History is seen as the progressive construction of human unity which, despite inevitable difficulties, moves ever more towards finding a living meaning in the fact of being the body of Christ.